Book and Manage Travel

There are many benefits to booking your travel through an Emory travel partner, whether for work or personal. Benefits such as:

* Note that a Car Service should be booked through Emory Express.

Travelers are responsible for understanding Emory's Travel and Expense Policy (login required) before planning and commencing travel. Exceptions to airfare upgrade policy can be requested [PDF].

Global services are available to support Emory's faculty and staff traveling abroad in support of their research and other global work.

Sequel is a small, women-owned business

  • Agent Assisted* VIP travel services specializing in complex and international travel.
  • Check with your department to see if additional authorization is needed to book using Cadence.
  • Traveler is responsible for fees associated with booking and changes to travel when using agent assisted booking.
  • Accepts personal credit card, Emory corporate card
  • First time user of Cadence? Start here with Cadence

*You are responsible for fees associated with agent assisted booking.