Frequently Asked Travel Questions

Emory currently has three (3) approved travel agencies: CTM, SEQUEL (formally Maupin/Hess), and Cadence.

If Airbnb represents the lowest rate available and is economical for the traveler, Airbnb will be addressed as an exception. Additional documentation is required when lodging via Airbnb.

An Emory corporate card can be added to an Uber or Lyft account and toggle back and forth between personal and business forms of payment. If you do not have a corporate card, simply ask the driver for a voucher as a receipt.

No, but travel can be booked on behalf of the students, by their school's Program Advisors/Coordinators. Or the student can self-book travel through one of the other approved travel agencies. Students must confirm with their school that booking through one of the other agencies is allowable.

Travel for candidates/guests/visitors is not required to be booked through one of Emory's approved travel agencies. The traveler can book his/her own travel outside of Emory Travel, but if Emory will ultimately pay for the travel, the traveler must follow the Emory Travel Policy guidelines. It is the school's/unit's responsibility to make the traveler aware of the Emory Travel Policy guidelines.

No, but travel can be booked on behalf of the visitor, by the school/unit.

Yes, Emory travel opened the option to purchase these low-cost economy class airfares. However, these low-cost airfares come with tight restrictions. When booking these airfares, you will be prompted with a pop-up to acknowledge that you do understand the restrictions.

Each airline has their own set of restrictions, so it is important that you make yourself aware of the restrictions prior to booking your travel. In general, these types of fares have less flexibility. Seats are assigned after check-in, (ie: no seat assignments during the booking process.) Additionally, you will not be able to make changes or receive a refund should an issue arise, and you cannot travel. For Delta Airlines, they do not offer the same perks (e.g., zone 1 boarding, automatic re-booking in case of flight cancellation) that you get when booking the main cabin fare or a higher class of fare.

First Class tickets are not allowable without prior granted exception. (Note: Exception for first class tickets for flights greater than 4 hours are allowed only when business class seats are unavailable on the route. Direct point-to-point travel is required.)

Business Class tickets are categorized as Upgraded Seating that must be approved prior to booking an upgraded seat.

The Upgrade Airfare Exception Form is required for any upgraded seating that is not within the Emory Travel Policy guidelines.

Emory requires that all Emory business related airfare must be booked through one of Emory's approved travel agencies.

By booking your airfare through an approved travel agency, you receive perks and together we can leverage issues that may occur while you travel.

Agent Assisted is recommended when your work-related travel includes: traveling with your family members (blended travel), complex international reservations, or same day travel.

Yes, there is a fee per transaction (e.g., 2 travelers, 2 tickets, 2 transactions = 2 fees applied). Each travel management company has their own set of fees, so it is important that you are aware of the fees prior to booking your travel.

If the negotiated conference rate is sold out, the next lowest rate available at the conference hotel can be booked.

Emory has a relationship with the Atlanta Marriott Hotels giving you access to special rates, benefits and inclusions that have been negotiated with CTMs preferred accommodation partners.

Yes, The U.S Department of State website provides travel advisory information for other countries, including prohibited countries.

Emory's travel partners have many options including a limousine, black car service, vans, buses, and car rental agencies.

If booking a car rental for U.S. business related travel, decline the insurance coverage because it is covered by Emory's blanket insurance policy.

If booking for business travel outside the U.S., select the insurance option.

Yes. If the personal travel does not impact the cost to Emory and the extended/ personal trip leave is approved or has no impact on your work schedule. (Example: A work conference in Orlando Monday through Wednesday. The family wants to tag along and go to Disney and stay over the following weekend. If both legs of the trip cost Emory, the same amount (or less) and the leave on Thursday and Friday is approved this is allowable. Emory would reimburse the traveler for the round-trip ticket, the lodging while attending the conference, and customary incidentals (ground transportation, meals or per diems are examples).

Yes, the reserved seats are reimbursable.