Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable Procurement is looking beyond the traditional financial evaluation. It involves taking into consideration environmental goals and social benefits. The decision is based after evaluating the life cycle cost of a product or service being purchased and its impact on environment and associated social risk and benefit. At its core, sustainability is about meeting the needs of today without compromising the opportunities of tomorrow. At Emory University, we believe in the potential of every member of our community, and that's why we are striving to serve as a model of transformative, proactive, and sustainable choices at every level.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Procurement

The Procurement's Statement for Green Buying at Emory defines Procurement Services commitment to promote and encourage the use of environmentally and socially responsible products. The guidelines established focus on source reduction, recycled content products, energy and water savings, toxins and pollution, and forest conservation.

2025 Vision

Our vision for Emory is to be a model of transformative practices and sustainable choices at every level. From the copy room to the operating room, from the class room to the residence hall—among academic units, health care units, and operational units, Emory will more deeply engage the challenges of sustainability and expand our leadership in higher education.

Sustainability Is Value to the Campus Because It:

  • Reduces costs and improves the campus environment
  • Strengthens markets for recyclable material
  • Promotes use of less-toxic products that protect health and safety of students/employees
  • Minimizes harmful emissions to our air, land, and water
  • Saves energy by promoting the purchase of energy conserving products