Recycling Resources

Emory Recycles Source Separate Recycling Program's goal is to divert university and health care waste through waste reduction education, a source separated commodity collection, and the establishment of "Zero Waste Facilities" on campus.

Recycling Resources

Recycle Center at Emory

The Recycle Center at Emory recycles items such as metals, plastics, glass, cardboard, mixed paper, and white paper.

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Shredding Services

Emory Shredding Services provides secure and convenient document shredding to Emory University. Services include regularly scheduled service of locked secure consoles for day-to-day protection of sensitive documents or one-time service for large volumes of sensitive information. 

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Hard-to-Recycle Materials Stations

Located in most major buildings, these stations include service for batteries, bulbs, ink and toner cartridges, aerosols, expanded polystyrene (i.e. Styrofoam), and glass.

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Electronic Waste

Recycle Emory-owned electronics that are obsolete or can be reissued through Emory Surplus Properties LITS.

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Furniture and Equipment Surplus

Emory Surplus Properties disposes property of Emory University, such as furniture, equipment, and vehicles by facilitating the resale, liquidation, salvage, or disposal of such items.

Hazardous Waste

The Emory Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) operates the chemical, radioactive, and universal waster (i.e., lamps and batteries) disposal program for Emory University.