Green Purchasing

Green Purchasing refers to the procurement of products and services that have a reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products or services that serve the same purpose. Green purchasing is also known as environmentally preferred purchasing (EPP), environmentally responsible purchasing, green procurement, affirmative procurement, eco-procurement, and environmentally responsible purchasing.

Green Purchasing Initiatives

Ink and Toner Recycling Cartridge Container Program

Emory has made significant investments in establishing a successful recycling program and recognizes that recycled content products such as printer cartridges also are essential to the continuing viability of the recycling program, and for the foundation of an environmentally sound production system. There are hundreds of printer cartridges being purchased at Emory so in an effort to conserve resources, Emory Strategic Procurement has partnered with Flex Imaging to make ink and toner cartridges recycling easier for you. You can support this program by placing your used/empty cartridges (all supplier brands) in the GoGreen cartridge containers located across Emory and the Oxford campuses.

Note: If the building you are working in needs a cartridge container, please contact Flex Imaging.

Green Packaging

Emory University's preferred suppliers actively partner with Strategic Procurement to identify ways to reduce product packaging that eventually ends up in the University's waste system.

Idling Reduction Policy

Strategic Procurement has worked collaboratively with Emory's preferred suppliers to improve Emory's vehicle idling reduction on campus. Major suppliers such as Staples, Fisher, VWR, and FedEx have numerous deliveries on Emory campus and have agreed to support Emory's Idling Reduction Policy while making deliveries.Other suppliers as well are in compliance with this policy. The policy states that each driver will be responsible for ensuring that his/her vehicle does not idle unnecessarily and be turned off when parked and not restarted until loading or unloading is complete. These measures assist in protecting the health of the community from harmful emissions and improve the air quality.

Support Green on Campus

Strategic Procurement promotes environmentally preferred purchasing (EPP) for the Emory Campus.

Green Purchasing Goods and Services

Before you buy, consider the following:

  • Is the product available used? Consider purchasing used or remanufactured products such as laser toner cartridges and furniture whenever practical and cost effective without compromising safety, quality or performance.
  • Does another department have this product but is not using it?
  • Can the existing product be economically and sustainably refurbished?

See below for what is available for your purchases of sustainable green goods and services from Emory's Contract Suppliers.

Office Supply Products

Select the Staples Punch-out in Emory Express for purchasing sustainable office supply products. In the Punch-Out, select the "Eco-Conscious/Recycle" section for your sustainable office supplies.

Copy Paper (Recycled)

Copy Paper: When ordering copy paper in Emory Express, select the TreeZero brand (Item #697216). TreeZero is making a positive impact on the environment for future generations. It is the only premium 100% tree free, carbon neutral multipurpose paper made from sugarcane waste fiber available in North America.

Publication Copy Paper: Order publication copy paper through Mac Papers. Emory's agreement with Mac Papers requires that all publication paper be chain-of-custody verified, contain at least 30% recycled content and some post-consumer waste. To date, 99% of publication paper is chain-of-custody certified and contain an average of 39% post-consumer waste content.


Emory's preferred PC provider is Dell. All of the order defaults in the purchasing catalog are for Electronic Product Environmental Tool (EPEAT) Gold desktops, laptops, and monitors. All Apple purchases are EPEAT Gold.

Furniture (Office)

Please note some intriguing information regarding the following suppliers:

Corporate Environment - Knoll "Green Bar"

Corporate Environment - Knoll "Green Bar" fabrics can help educational institution achieve LEED certification. Green Bar fabrics are utilized for furniture, walls, and draperies that contain 49%+ recycled content, 75%+ rapidly renewable material, or 100% Eco-Intelligent fiber.

Office Images - Haworth

Office Images - Haworth has been awarded the achievement of green design, construction, and operation of its showroom. Their products are 100% safe materials, 100% sustainable wood, and end of life management.

Herman Miller and CWC

Herman Miller and CWC designs their products with consideration of the environment. Herman Miller uses FSC Mix 90%. Their laminate and veneer work surfaces and storage products with wood fronts and tops are FSC certified and the product are made in the U.S.

Lamps and Ballasts (Magnetic and Electronic)

Purchase lamps and ballasts from E. Sam Jones ( a local distributor of GE Lighting).

Purchase low-mercury lamps from Osram Sylvania.

Letterhead and Envelopes (Emory Branded)

AlphaGraphics, Emory's stationery provider, uses recycled-fiber paper stock for all Emory-branded stationery. Personnel may purchase Emory letterhead, department envelopes, business cards, and other Emory stationery needs through the AlphaGrapcis Punch-out in Emory Express.

Maintenance, Repair, and Operations

Please see the following suppliers and the products that they offer:

W.W. Grainger and the Home Depot Supply

They provide building and maintenance products, wood harvested from sustainable forests and Energy-Star-labeled products.

Southeast Link

They provide cleaning chemicals, floor care products, and environmentally sustainable custodial equipment.

Associated Paper Inc.

They provide tissue (toilet), industrial paper and supplies, hand towels, and can liners.


Emory's print contract suppliers are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

Emory's Preferred Print Suppliers can handle your large commercial sheet-fed jobs (i.e. magazines, booklets, and annual reports). The suppliers selected for this program were pre-qualified through a competitive bid process to offer a broad range of capabilities and maintain high standards of quality and service. If there is a supplier you prefer to use that we do not have listed, please complete an Emory Express Requisition and select "new supplier as vendor" on the requisition.

Guidelines for your Print Jobs

  1. All print jobs will need to have a quote attached to each requisition. The quote should include all order specifics and critical delivery dates. You can obtain a quote on your own by going directly to any of our preferred print suppliers. Enter your order in Emory Express using the "Non-Catalog Item".
  2. For print jobs $5,000 or more, a Request for Quote (RFQ) is required. The Strategic Sourcing Manager will handle that for you by sending your specifications to our preferred printers who have the capabilities that align with the job specification.
  3. Through the Emory Express process, the Purchase Requisition will go through your department approvals. The supplier is required to receive an Emory Purchase Order before the job begins.
  4. Note: Quoted quantities will be delivered and any overages provided without charge. If excess quantities of the produced work are needed, the preferred printer must provide a new quote for the additional quantity prior to the production run.

Ink and Toner Cartridges

Order these items from the Staples Punch-out of the Flex Imaging Solution catalog in Emory Express. Please put your empty printer and toner cartridges (all supplier brands) in the GoGreen recycling containers that are located in the various locations throughout Emory and the Oxford campus.


Procurement Services follows Federal and State Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

Scientific Research Products

Search and purchase environmentally preferable scientific products from our catalogs or contract suppliers in Emory Express.