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Any request for updating a supplier's address, contact, and/or payment information requires written notice directly from the requesting supplier on official company letterhead and will be validated by Procurement Services. Suppliers requesting profile updates should send these written notices to


Emory University is a private institution and is recognized internationally for its outstanding liberal arts college, professional schools and a leader in research that generates more research funding than any other Georgia university. 

Supplier Identification Program - Emory's Procurement staff continually strives to meet the needs of the Emory campus in terms of contracting with the best suppliers.  With hundreds of suppliers on and around campus each day it is sometimes hard to identify which supplier has a contractual agreement with Emory (offering special pricing and other favorable terms).  Therefore we ask our preferred contract supplier to participate in wearing Emory ID badges while on campus.  If you are an Emory contracted supplier, please contact Procurement's Strategic Sourcing for further information in reference to obtain an Emory ID Badge.

Preferred Payment Method Policy to Suppliers 
Emory ACH Payment Form
Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
Billing Payment to Suppliers 
Code of Conduct for Emory University Licensees
Emory University Supplier Code of Ethical Conduct
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Payment Method to Suppliers (Policy) - ACH (Automated Clearing House)

Emory University's preferred method to remit payment to all Payees (other than exceptions in policy) is via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) funds transfer.  ACH payments are processed daily.

Emory Policy 2.122 outlines the required and preferred payment method for suppliers, organizations and individuals (payees) who provide goods and services to Emory University.  The policy also identifies any groups that may be exempted from the policy.  If a new supplier request is received without an Emory ACH Payment Authorization Form, the submitter will be directed to the policy.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of the Emory University Purchase Order/Agreement and its provisions and/or any act of performance is limited to the terms and conditions contained in Emory's PO Terms and Conditions.

Billing and Payment to Suppliers

To ensure that our suppliers are paid in a timely manner, we request that all suppliers obtain a valid Emory University authorized purchase order before invoicing the University.   Emory Procurement requires suppliers to obtain a valid Emory University Purchase Order by Procurement Services before delivering goods or services to an Emory department. (Letter to Emory Suppliers regarding Invoice requirements.)

Emory University Payment Services implemented a new Payment Services Invoice Processing System effective April 2, 2012.  With this implementation, please update your Bill To addresses for Emory University in your system to Payment Services, PO Box 740046, Atlanta, GA  30348.  All statements are to be sent to actspay@emory.edu.

Emory University policy outlines the required and preferred payment method for suppliers is via ACH funds transfer.  If you currently are not receiving payment by ACH, please complete the Emory ACH Payment Authorization Form. 


Emory University Supplier Code of Ethical Conduct

The Supplier Code of Ethical Conduct provides the foundation for Emory University and its Suppliers to build and maintain relationships based on fairness, trust, respect for the rights of individuals, compliance with the law, and sustainable business practices.  Our suppliers are critical to our success; therefore, we strive to select suppliers who will maintain a commitment to strong ethical standards.


Code of Conduct for Emory University Licensees
(Licensing Information for Emory University Merchandise)

Emory University is affiliated with both the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) to help ensure that products bearing Emory University marks are not manufactured by companies utilizing abusive labor practices.  Emory University is committed to conducting their business affairs in a socially responsible and ethical manner consistent with their educational, research, and/or service missions, and to protect and preserve the global environment.  Each licensee of Emory University must comply with the following Code of Conduct:  Code of Conduct for Emory University Licensees...


Business around Emory Campus

Tobacco Free Emory effective August 1, 2012  - Since January 1, 2012, smoking has been allowed on campus in certain designated smoking zones.   As of August 1, 2012, Emory will become completely tobacco free.  This policy applies to visitors and suppliers - no one is permitted to use tobacco products or to smoke on Emory property.   The entire Emory community is responsible for enforcement of the tobacco free policy.  Therefore, any employees of contractors who are seen smoking on campus will be reminded of the tobacco free policy and asked to put out the cigarette or to discard other tobacco products.  Tobacco Free Emory and What to know about the tobacco free transition.

— View Emory's Interactive Map to help navigate our campus
— To find your commodity manager or buyer, view Procurement Services Contacts 
— For your questions on payment of invoices, email actspay@emory.edu 
— Emory Suppliers requested to support Emory's Idling Reduction Policy


Useful Links for Suppliers 

 —Emory Invoice Info Supplier Portal  ("InvoiceInfo" is a self-service portal which will allow you to obtain answers to invoice receipts, processing and payment queries online.)
-  Purchase Order Questions:  e-market@emory.edu
ACH Payment Authorization  
Supplier/Individual Information Form
Georgia Tax-Exempt Authorization letter (re: tangible property and services)
— View Emory's Ethical Guidelines Policy (regarding gratuities from suppliers)
— View  Emory's Tobacco Policy - Applies to all Emory University and Healthcare properties - Effective August 1, 2012 -Tobacco free policy for all of University and Healthcare campusesFAQ's - Tobacco-Free Emory


On-Campus Events 

If you are interested in having an on-campus event, you are required to have approval before sponsoring such an event, i.e., lunch & learn, etc.  Please contact e-market@emory.edu and they will send your email to the appropriate commodity manager.


Use of Emory Logo
Use of the name and/or logo of Emory University are restricted by the University. 


Suppliers Visiting Procurement Services or Contract Administration - 1599 Clifton Road Building, Atlanta, GA 30322

When visiting staff in the Procurement/Payment offices on 3rd floor, you may utilize the map below (or your GPS) for locating the 1599 Clifton Road Building. The 1599 Building Parking Garage has special parking provided for Visitors on Level C. This particular floor has an entrance for visitors to the Building's Reception Area of the 1599 Building. Please check in with the Receptionist and request her to call the individual you are visiting.
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