Treasury & Debt

campus_windowCash and Debt Management is part of the VP for Finance Office and is responsible for maintaining and maximizing earning in all operating bank accounts, cultivating banking relationships, and coordinating various aspects of debt management for Emory University. The office works closely with Cash Operations for depository activities and Payment Services and Payroll departments for disbursements activities. Below are the primary tasks that are performed in our office:

  1. Ensure on a daily basis the validity and integrity of all banking transactions in all operating bank accounts
  2. Process domestic and international wire transfers
  3. Fund daily disbursements including all checks and electronic payments
  4. Process debt payments for outstanding bonds
  5. Invest operating cash based on projected cash flow needs
  6. Provide reports for Fitch, Moody's, and S&P Rating Agencies
  7. Coordinate with Endowment Investment Office to contributions and receive distribution of endowment investments
  8. Provide continuing disclosure reports to regulatory agencies. You can see Emory's historical and current continuing disclosure reports here.