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The Procure to Pay system, Emory Express, is the required method to purchase most of the goods and services to support office needs, purchase business cards, furniture and much more.  In order to use Emory Express you must be approved for access by your department and attend a training session.

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Available in Emory Express  

Links below provide the Emory Contract Supplier associated with the products, the instructions on how to make your purchases, and the preferred methods for payment.                        

Audio-Visual Services

Auto/Vehicle Rental

Auto/Vehicle Purchase


Books and Periodicals

Bus Services (chartered)

Business Cards and Stationery

Cameras/Video Equipment

Campus Service Request Form

Cars (for hire, limo, van)

Catering Services (Emory and ATG)

Cell Phones

Cell Service

Coffee and Tea Service
(water and other beverages) 


Copier/Print Leases

Courier Services

Custom Brokers

Departmental Ticket Purchases

Emory University Brochures 

Emory Campus Services/
Graphic Design Services 

Emory Photography

FedEx and U.S. Mail Services 

Floral Arrangements  


Gift Cards

Green Buying (Sustainable)

International (global) Import Guidelines

International (global) Export Guidellines

IT Support Request


Linen Sheet Rental

Mail Services

(In-house department moves)

Office Supplies


Picture Frames


Print Assessment Management
(managing print environment

Printing Services (Large print jobs)

Print Supplier program 

Promotional Items

Recycle Products

Relocation for newly hired faculty and staff



Shipping (Inbound/VPL)


Storage - Records/Documents

Storage - Other Items

Supplier Promotions

Surplus at Emory

Tickets for Theater (Departmental)

Toner (Recycled)

Uniforms/Professional Work wear 

Van Rental

Vehicle Purchase


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